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Working as a team

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Working as a team

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·Jun 17, 2022·

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So, let’s dive in…

Consider this for a moment, you have an exam to write in the morning at 7:30am, and you set an alarm in order to finish up any last minute preparations before entering the exam room. Instead of ringing at 5:45am as scheduled, it rang at 6:45am less than 50 minutes before the exam. What will be your reaction? Well! Amongst all the possibilities you’ve considered, my guess is that you are in a dilemma, but let’s keep that as our little secret.

So, backwards to how the second week of boot camp went. Whoa! It has definitely been a roller coaster ride. A task was assigned which required the creation of a blog using either Blogger or WordPress as seen above. This said blog is to entail not less than 6 articles of at least 700 words each with a minimum of 100 followers and that was the end of it.

Days had passed with no response other than a few hellos here and there tracing from a lot of commitments on the part of the team members. Thus, reason for the hesitation and stillness. The team lead and assistant who were elected during the task execution then took an unapologetic move which I suppose gave us all the boost we needed.

Several meetings were held to address some important topics such as; choosing a niche for our blog by employing the use of research and Survey. The leads further assessed who was good at what during these sessions and apportioned the task accordingly.

This is where it all began: activeness, contributing ideas, cooperation and team spirit, a sense of belonging, a desire to succeed, and amongst other things, realizing our purpose for being at the boot camp.

It almost seemed like we had a fight with time and it chose to flee as the hours slid into minutes and minutes into seconds. Thanks to Self-motivation which kept every one of us going even though, we had a dateline to meet. There were some contradictions , which is to be expected when working with a group of people that have different perspectives and mindsets. This merely aided to sharpen our capacity for critical thinking.

This further depicts a variety of spheres of life, including the ups and downs, sacrifices and patience, pressure, anxiety and other themes based on personal experiences and narratives. Thus, drawing our attention to how the outcomes of situations can switch at a given time.

Not withstanding, we are yet to get a hundred views by close of the week. Will you be interested in seeing how all these unfold? Stay glued and let’s explore together.

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